Simple one-time document upload

Sharing documents with lots of different customers and distributors? Qualit-e Cloud simplifies the upload process for all your key documents – including product specifications, statements, certificates, MSDS, marketing materials and even a corporate video. Upload the documents to Qualit-e Cloud just once and share them with multiple customers and distributors on the platform.

Authorise access for customers and distributors

Authorise customers to access your documents using just their email addresses. Upload all their email addresses once and select the addresses you want to share documents with. Customers receive login details once access has been authorised. You choose what they can access – whether it’s a few documents or full folders. Any changes you make at your end will notify your whole supply chain. Want to streamline the process even further? Authorise your distributors to use the system – and they can share the documents with their customers in turn.

Mark content as confidential

Label folders, product categories and individual products as confidential to hide them from your product lists. Customers cannot view any of your documents without your authorisation – they can only see your standard product list. This allows you to upload documents and information for a specific customer and name them accordingly (e.g. ‘Astaxantin – customer Smith’) with privacy and peace of mind.

Upload your CoAs

Upload your CoAs to the portal and save them with the batch number. Your customers can then use the batch number to download and access the CoAs themselves.

An easy way to track updates

Our built-in version control spots the differences between various versions of edited documents – so you can track updates in multi-page documents such as MSDS with ease.

Get started right away

Qualit-e Cloud is a web-based service, so there’s no installation or lengthy set-up process required – a relief for your IT department! Once you’ve registered, your system should be fully up and running within just a few hours.

Automatic notifications for you and your customers

The platform sends automatic notifications to make processes even simpler for you and your customers. Customers are notified automatically by email and on the platform when you add or replace a document. When documents are due to expire, the system notifies you automatically.

Make huge time savings

Upload updated documents just once – and all authorised customers will receive a notification. There’s no need to check who to notify. Customers can access your documents at any time, dramatically reducing the amount of time you spend fielding enquiries by as much as 20–50%. Use the time you save to focus on what matters – creating satisfied customers.

Recover lost files

Oops! Deleted a file by accident? No problem. Recover deleted files – and details of who they were shared with – in just a few easy steps.

Enable access requests

Any customer can register and see your company name and standard product list in Qualit-e Cloud. If they’d like access to specific products, customers can simply send you a request – and you can decide whether to authorise or decline.

Stamp your documents

Create your own stamp for PDF and Word files to digitally validate your documentation. The documents are stamped when the customers download them.