Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Before you contact our support, please check if you can find the answers below:

Pharmaceutical-, Chemical-, Cosmetic- or Food Raw Material Producer

Upload documents and files:


Yes, if a parent folder is shared and a new document is added to that folder, the customer will also be authorised to access it.

Go to Sharing and click on the tab ‘Shared with overview’, next to the product you can see a number which indicates with how many customers the product is shared with, and if you click on the user icon, you can see with whom it is shared. You can also draw a report to review this information in an excel file.

Yes, go to ‘Reports’ where you can generate an excel file.

Customer accounts:

No, they might still be active for another producer. You can ‘unshare’ all your documents with the customer and they will no longer be able to access your portfolio.

Please send it to support, we’ll check if it is not active anywhere and delete it for you.


We send you an invoice and charge on a yearly basis, based on the number of products you list and needed storage space. For the following year, the invoice is sent three months in advance before the contract runs out.

Yes, we mainly work with invoices but we also accept creditcards.

At the moment it is not possible. Please inform us, we can look into this.


Yes, only sharing and not uploading your own documents, it’s free.

Please let us know roughly how many products you would like to list and we will send you an offer.