How Qualit-e makes your life easier.

Upload your quality documents once

Qualit-e is a solution for lifescience raw material producers designed to eliminate the exhausting process of sending and resending quality documents via email to hundreds of different customers each year.

Authorise customers to download once

Each customer only needs to be authorised once in order to receive all the sensitive data for the product they buy. They can even be authorised for the producer’s entire product range.

Enjoy a secure, time-saving solution forever

Dramatically reduce the workload of your quality and regulatory team with Qualit-e.

Special Offer - Free account for Certificates

Qualit-e Cloud can handle all of your quality documents and certificates.
As an option to start, an account for Kosher and Halal certificates is free.
Upload and share them with your customers, get to know the easy to use system and numerous helpful functions.
Once you renew the certificates, all or your customers are automatically notified about the change.

What is Qualit-e?

Qualit-e is a safe, secure web portal where users can upload quality documents related to their company and raw materials.

Our software allows you to authorise selected customers to access documents relevant to the specific product they have purchased from you.

All authorised customers are automatically notified as soon as you upload a new version of a document related to the product in question.

Change control made easy.

Authorisations can be passed on to a distributor who can grant access to their customers.

Document examples

Production flowchart

Specifications, MSDS, Certificates

Statements on elemental impurities, BSE, GMO, dioxins, allergens, irradiation, etc.

Drug Master Files (DMF)

CEP revisions / Letter of access

Marketing brochures, presentations, explanatory movies

Who is Qualit-e designed for?


Qualit-e has been created for pharmaceutical-, cosmetic- and food raw material producers that manufacture and sell ingredients, excipients, or active pharmaceuticals.

The same applies for any kind of distributor, who handles the same sort of quality documents, certificates or statements.

Qualit-e is a tool for dealing with the large number of documents customers require and creating automated processes for recurring document requirements. It can also be used to manage change control information and notify customers of new file versions.

After purchasing raw materials, customers only need to be authorised once to download company documents, certificates, raw material statements, production flowcharts, DMFs and change control documentation.


CPhI Pharma Awards

Qualit-e Cloud GmbH is the proud winner of the CPhI Pharma Awards for innovation in digitalisation.



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Who we are

We are a small group of entrepreneurs with extensive experience in the sale of pharmaceutical raw materials, the development of IT systems and founding of start-ups.


Founder of Qualit-e Cloud

Nadine used to sell pharmaceutical raw materials during the past 10 years, before she decided to improve the document flow between raw material producers and their customers. 
She initally worked in a pharmacy and after discovering the world by travelling, studied Business Administration.


IT Advisor

Rémy has extensive knowhow with different IT systems and brings experience for founding start ups. He studied at Northwestern University in Chicago and got a Master in Computer Engineering. He lived and worked 8 years in his favorite city New York before returning to Switzerland.



Software Developer

With his bachelor degree from the University of West Bohemia, Kamil brings a lot of knowledge about Applied Sciences, Computer Science and Engineering. He is the main software developer of Qualit-e Cloud. He has been working at UBK s.r.o since March 2015.